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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 16, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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that's wrapping around the low. that disturbance drops south and that's why we expect clouds to move in during the morning many we will start out with early sun. so we have got 21minutes ago and afternoon showers and storms with high of 84. let's see what's happening on the roads with tonya. we are -- tanya. >> reporter: overnight construction is over. our accidents are pretty much cleared. so, pretty good. let's see how things are going on the roads. we have traffic building and this is the fort mchenry tunnel southbound this is the south portal of the traffic moving away from this screen is running southbound. northbound no incident in your way. our earlier disabled vehicle 95 southbound at 895 has cleared out of the way. we are doing fine on the beltway no accidents to record on the southwest side at wilkins or top side at harford road. back to you guys. 20th race for baltimore mayor is -- the race for baltimore mayor is heating up.
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the latest topic, the baltimore grand prix. linda so is live with why one candidate has doubts about the race. >> reporter: well, so much has changed to get ready for this race. stands have gone up through downtown. the walls have gone up. road have been resurfaced but otis rolley a candidate run against mayor rawlings-blake says he doubts it will be as good for the city as the mayor says and wants her to release all documents related to the race. it's a topic that is sure to come up later this morning at the second mayoral forum. rolley and others are criticizing rawlings-blake and her decision to sign off with the deal. he this say with the cuts to the budgets, she should have had her priorities elsewhere. for months there's been construction going on in the city for the grand prix. roads have been resurfaced and underground infrastructure repaired. the mayor and other city leaders says it will be a big economic boost for the city. the three-day race is expected to draw 100,000 people. this topic is sure to come up
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at the mayoral forum. you can hear it from 7:30 to 10 this morning. it will be on wolb, am 1010. later today, the candidates running for mayor will be releasing the finance reports and the numbers are due at midnight tonight. on monday, mayor rawlings blake came out with her numbers and raised more than 1.4 million dollars since january. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. he was reported missing and is back home safe. 77-year-old man went shopping at -- woman went shopping at noon and her family was worried when she didn't come home. again she is back home with her family. a man is behind bars accused of impersonating a police officer. he is charged in three home inveighings that occurred in june in -- invasion that is occurred in june. three homes were targeted and police say three men pretending to be police knocked on the doors of the homes and
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terrorized the homeowners while stealing things from the house. right now they have connected pierce to one of the invasions and he faces attempted murder and other charges. the man last seen with a frederick woman missing in aruba must stay there for at least 16 more days. that was decided monday in a hearing as investigators continue to build a case there. gary giordano went to aruba withrobyn gardner and she disappeared while snorkeling according to him. according to court records two montgomery county women accused him of abuse or threat. her family believes she is alive but authorities don't believe that's the case. seven people including the owner of a dundalk club are charged with selling and possessing drugs. during a 15-month-long investigation into the black hole rock club, police discovered -- discovered drugs were openly being used in the club and found marijuana grown in the basement and no word on whether or not the club will stay open. check this video out a flash mob burglary in
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germantown. about 2 dozen teens walk in and steal snacks and drinks and other items. police say the flash mob theft lasted a minute before the entire group walked out. now police spokeswoman says they haven't determined how the flash mob robbery was organized but some people have been identified through the use of surveillance video. well this morning a baltimore wife and her two children are mourning the loss of a husband and father killed in afghanistan. specialist jameel died when -- freeman died when an ied detonated near his vehicle. sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: specialist jameel freeman was doing what he spelled to do, serving his country. he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. it was a sacrifice that cost his life on his daughter's second birthday e leaves behind a wife and two small children. on thursday, an improvised explosive device went off near a vehicle he was riding in. freeman and his family lived in an army base in new york but he
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grew up in baltimore and planned to return here to work with his mentor at a marshal arts studio inside security -- martial arts studio inside a security mall. del spoke with him two woke ago and can't believe he -- two weeks ago and can't believe he is gone. >> i think this is the way he wanted to go because now jameel is a national hero in my eyes. and i am sure in many other people's eyes. >> reporter: tune -- funeral arrangements have not been finalized. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. five minutes after 6. it's been a consistent problem all summer long in forest hill. no power. and that means no air conditioning. bge customers are learning why. engineers work for the -- work for the company -- working for the company held a meeting. the repairs total 9 million
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bucks and will improve service to 2,000 customers. this after several hundred homeowners say they can't rely on the lights staying on. >> this is the second generator and thanks heaven we had that because our food didn't spoil as did many of our neighbors. >> it canly during periods of high -- techly during periods of high de-- particularly during periods of high deman the swiping is not holding because they are using a lot of power. >> reporter: customers asked bge to reimburse for the food they lost but bge says they don't make it a practice of paying customers back for spoiled food or repaired parts. the improvement in the community will continue through the next year. it's 6:06. sports for you on your tuesday morning. o's looking to take game 2 following a win monday. you were probably asleep when hunter acquired by the o's last month notched the first win with the o's as matt solo home run early and offense rallied
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to knockout oakland with a 4- run 7th inning. first pitch from oakland tonight 10:05 our time. and a baseball milestone for a minnesota twin. thome hit the 600 home run in a game against the tigers. there it goes. he actually hit two in the game. the first in the 6th and the 600th the next in the 7th. he raised his right fist he's went around first base and the crowd in detroit applauded him and he is the 8th player in major league history to reach the milestone at the age of 40. he is the oldest. the wince won that -- win -- the twins won that game. if you see someone you don't want to talk to do you grab your cell phone. >> and pretend you are talking? it doesn't matter if anyone is on the other end. if we don't want to chat, we do this. >> yeah of course there's a study on it a research project survey says that one in 8 fake phone calls -- we are guilty of
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doing it. age play as factor in how and you you do it. if you 18 to 29 you have a 30% greater chance of using the cell phone avoidance technique. >> but it's called that? >> yes. those of you 65 or older you got 2% chance of doing that. >> this is got a lot of you talking and a lot of us talking in the newsroom. it seems most of us are guilty of doing this. so we wanted to post a question to you. have you tried to get out of a conversation by pretending you were on the phone? we want to hear your experience. leave your comments on the wmar facebook fan page and you can findous on we will follow the commander in chief he's makes stops in minnesota and iowa to hear what he has to say. we heard it growing up, this -- too much tv is bad for your eyes. doctors say there's another appliance you may need to worry
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about. and it was a long shot but one kid made it. coming up, why after he scored at a charity hockey game, he may not get the prize money after all. we will tell you about it. but first the latest business news happening right now from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, we are doing a better job with our credit cards. credit reporting agency transunion says the rate of late payments is now at the lowest level in 17 years. and that's despite an increase in credit card use. gas prices are falling again even though oil prices are rising. prices were down 7% in the past week to an average of 360 a -- 3.06 a gallon the second -- 3.06 a gallon that is the second weekly decrease. reuters report the s eec is check weather standard and poor's followed proper procedure in downgrading the u.s. debt. ball mark franks and oscar mayer are accusing each other
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of false advertising. the u.s. magistrate declared let the weiner wars begin. that's america's money i am rob nelson. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up
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of wakin' up... ♪ mommy, you did it! ♪ is folgers in your cup. welcome back. president obama is on the road visiting three states in three days. it's a part of a bus tour talking with people in their communities about economic policy and job growth across the country. however, some critics feel this is more of a campaign event than it is a chance to talk to taxpayers. >> i am going need your help to make it happen. you have to send a message to
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washington that it's time for the games to stop. it's time to put country first. >> the president set about a bus tour today going to swing states and frankly i think the american people would rather see him in washington work on getting the economy going again. he seems to be more intent on trying to save his job than to create jobs for the american people. >> analyst say the tour is nothing unusual for say thing president. obama continues with economic forum in iowa and next illinois before heading back to dc. heavy rains caused major problems in southwest baltimore and the cleanup continues. fire crews had to rescue several drivers they thought could make it down patapsco avenue. the rain left commuters stranded along light rail lines. the mta says rushing water shifted sections of the track making it unsafe for the trains. commuters were trappeded -- strand there had for several
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hours. >> we were there for three hours. -- stranded there for several hours. >> we were there for three hours and it's not fun. >> the mta sent buses to pick up the commuters. according to the mta website there are no delays for the right rail this morning. justin. and it's about this time yesterday we watched the storm start to form over brooklyn park. it sat over brooklyn park for at least 2 1/2 hours. and the result there over 3 inches of rainfall. the storms split in two pieces north and south and that was a sign of what we had to deal with the rest of the day. at least since the early afternoon. no rain this morning in brooklyn park that's good news. you are at 66 and you got a clear start to the day. that's a good thing back here in annapolis as we watch the sunrise. 67 right now. west northwesterly wind ushering in cooler drier air and notice a drop in the humidity. some of you may feel that humidity around but we will be on backside of this low pressure system off the coast. that responsible for pinwheeling this energy and this is the last push.
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there's showers there. and that's enhanced by the mountains across northeastern pennsylvania. but, as that drops to the south, and as that acts on the environment, we still will pop cloud over the next couple hours. despite the clear start many of us in central and southern maryland have and then we will be watching the cloud return with the showers midday and this afternoon from north to south and then we get a brief reprieve from the pattern. brief. check it out. the future radar not highlighting the bulk. there may be storms back in the mountains and we will watch if they generate and pull in our direction as the system works its way off the coast. beyond that, we have a nice dry day tomorrow. good looking wednesday then the return of moisture coming up the coast at us on thursday and it could be a wet end to the week as well. 84 the two degree guaranteed high. clouding up in the next couple hours to enjoy early sun. storms midday through the afternoon. they shouldn't sit over the same spot and should swing on through.
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62 overnight the low. inland away from the water, down into the 50s. and then we recover back into the 80s tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. 87. 88 storms return on thursday, friday and could be wet at 85. and early showers give way to a nice end to the weekend but highs in the mid to upper 80s. tanya. >> reporter: traveling 759 southbound from reisterstown through owings mills to the beltway you should have no incidents in your way. smooth going. let's look at the beltway on the northwest side. 695 at will kips. outer -- wilkins, outer loop is not slowing down but gaining volume. inner loop is moving well. 695 at harrisburg expressway. we are doing okay here. no problems in either direction but just west of here we do have a disabled vehicle on the outer loop at the jfx. that will be at exit 23. so be careful moving through there. back to you. health news this morning. a new study suggest not everyone who is owees needs -- obese needs to lose weight.
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it's possible to carry a few extra pounds and be healthy on the beesity brings increase risk of many health comply cases -- complications. those obese but don't have thecomplications may live a normal lifelike those with normal weight. they are working to develop a system to physicians determine which obese patients would benefit from extra weight loss. your mom told you not to sit in front of the tv because it could hurt your ice. it seems the same could be true -- eyes it seems the same could be true for a computer screen if you are young child. the scene is hard on healthy ice it's more of a problem for kids with underlying vision problems. they recommend kids take a break from computers every 20 minutes and for kids to go outside and play a little bit. megan. do you have 15 minutes to spare? well, spend it exercising if you do. it could add 3 years to your life. 15 minutes. a study suggest that the 15 minutes a day five days a week has huge benefits. most people struggling to stick around to the guideline of 30
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minutes a day five days a week and experts hope that by identifying a lower dose more people will be be motivated to get off the couch and start moving. 18 minutes after 6 right now. you know too much sun or artificial or real can cause skin cancer. however mill crops sun bathe and researchers -- millsions sun bathe and researchers think they know why -- millions sun bathe and researchers think they know why. they looked at the brain when participants were tanning and the part associated with reward and addiction and it lit up indicating increased blood flow. >> i smoked before and i can say smoking i stopped. i don't have lung cancer but i know it's bad for me and i stopped. sun tanning, i have skin cancer and i go. >> doctors say while the vitamin d in the sun is good for you, make sure to use sunscreen to protect yourself if you are going outside.
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you have to check this out. it looks scary but the horse is doing fine this morning. the horse disappeared overnight and the owner found him stuck in the mud. it was a dried out pond. took two hours for firefighters to pull the horse out. he is roaming free this morning. just like his mother the ownersays she got stuck a few weeks earlier and will close off the area. check this out. an 11-year-old made a 50,000 dollar shot between periods at a hockey game but may not see one penny of this money. that stinks because he got a 3 inch puck into a 3 1/2 inch slot from nearly 9 # feet away. >> -- 09 feet away. >> i -- 90 feet away. >> i didn't know how to shoot and i lined it up and. yeah. >> here's where it is dicey nick smith bought a 10 dollar raffle ticket to take the shot but his name was drawn and he was not in the arena and his twin brother nate stepped in for the shot.
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organizers have yet to decide whether the boys will get the 50 grand. a 3 inch puck into a 3 1/2 inch slot. and you may not get the 50 cash. >> i hope he gets it. this day in history in 1977, the nation mourns the loss of elvis presley. he died at graceland mansion. thousands have showed up outside his home paying respects and mourning the loss. elvis was 42 years old when he died. he is accused of causing a panic and terrifying a bomb hoax. >> this happened half a world away but today the suspect is in court in the united states. what happens now. . i didn't know that i was getting married. >> wow. he didn't know there was going to be a wedding. how a man surprised his sweetie with more than a proposal. time for today's birthdays. happy belated birthday to tracy who celebrated 4-0 yesterday. hope it was fun. and the picture is from necky who is a doxin turning 4
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years old this weekend. >> way to go. >> all right. he is cute. we will try to get it later on. if you have an interesting photo, you've soft spot for him. if you have a cute photo send it to morning show at we will be right back. ♪
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now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. news around the world. al-qaeda new leader is urging followers to continue the fight in the united states. in the video post on a militant website he says the battle doesn't end with the death of osama bin laden and calls america a criminal country that corrupted the world and says the uprising in egypt as well as tuns neah provide opportunities for al-qaeda to spread the message. and australian man accused in a caller bomb hoke has been cap you had in the united states and will be in a
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courtroom today. police say the 50-year-old put a device around the neck of an 18-year-old woman this month and it happened in sydney australia. she spent ten hours attached to the device before having it removed by police by bomb technicians. the authorities later determined it was a dud. australian authorities will seek his extra diction across the pacific -- shall extra diction across the a sick ocean. a -- extra diction across the pacific ocean. a ruling by a judge says a girl must be returned to her biological parents within two monthsch mother has a message for those adoptive parents. >> all i want to tell them is to return my girls i don't feel any ill against them because perhaps they took her without knowing she was stolen that's why i want them to ask to return them because i've been suffering for five years in this is a case that could bring about reform in new oversight
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for the international adoption process. proposing could be scary enough for any guy but imagine proposing and not only have the ring but the wedding set to go, too. >> this is unbelievable. an ontario man took a risk when he did that. >> i love you so much. this is your wedding day. >> right now? >> he proposed to his wife to be a few minutes before the two would stand at altar. they planned to get married in las vegas but he was planning this special proposal for a year asking his bride questions about what she wanted her wedding day to be like. he managed to get everything in place and the 207 guests and called it operation white cake. >> i tested -- texted the guysin the party and said operation white cake is a go and they replied roger copy. and it was like we were 12 years old again playing cops and robbers on our bikes. it was so much fun.
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>> it's my absolute delight to pronounce you husband and wife. >> she is a good sport. couple says they might go to vegas anyway in a month but that will be for the honeymoon. >> what would you have said? >> i don't know what i would have said. it's hard to believe. she was a good sport. i will give her that. ahead, talk about a rude awakening. >> this will jolt you out ofbed. what happened to the drivers caught crashing into a home. hey. >> knock it off. >> an unruly passenger won't get off the bus. we will show you what happens from here. it's been over a year since the baltimore woman was last seen. i am sherrie johnson. find out what her mother is doing to keep the search alive. o
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